Amit PanchalName: Amit Panchal.

Intro.: He is co-founder of All Events in City – world’s fastest growing event discovery and promotion platform.

He is a computer graduate from LD college, He passed out in 2010 and just in 2 months started his own company called Amitech Business Solutions.

“We started Amitech as an IT services company initially and completed multiple projects with various technologies. While we were serving our clients, we started shaping our ideas into products and built many products. Some of them worked and some of them failed completely. Out of this, is the most successfull product of our company. ” , says Amit.


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Q1. Tell us about . was jointly developed by Me and Ruchit four years ago with about 5,000 events of 100 cities being listed on it. Our portal had reached 500 hits per day by the first month of launch in April 2011. Soon, it grew to three million events by the end of the first year. helps people to discover all kind of events happening around them in their cities. We have been doing this since last 3 years and we have got more than 12 million events posted on our site across 20K cities of the world. Current we have more than 2 million people exploring events through our platform every month.
Today, lists 25 million events happening in 35,000 cities spread across 220 countries, making it one of the largest event aggregators. provides listings and comprehensive details of events as per specific geographies with a special focus on discovering local events.

Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has partnered with Bhutan Tourism to promote its cultural activities and at the same time it provides city plug-in for apps such as MakeMyTrip and Indore City app to inform people about events happening in their respective cities.


Q2.  When you got such an Idea ?

The idea of creating a ready reckoner of events came to me when i struggled to locate lectures happening in the city. I was curious to listen to successful people and was keen to attend their talks and speeches. But because of lack of any single-point information, I missed many. So, we created a platform detailing all-events-in-city – as the name suggests.


Q3. What all Categories this platform has ?

The platform has categories of Business, Concerts, Festivals, Music, Sports, Parties, Exhibitions, Meetups, Performances among other events. It’s a user-friendly platform and can be accessed by a Facebook ID.

Q4. With how much capital you started ?

We started with a seed capital of Rs 10 lakh, which we had earned from earlier IT business, we rented an office. Server cost and salaries are still the biggest component of overall costs.


Q5. How you generate Revenue ?

The revenue comes from Google Ads as well as paid featured event postings by organisers such as dramas, public events, shows and concerts.

The total revenues were around Rs 6.3 crore (about $1 million) last fiscal and continue to grow rapidly.

Our company has a team of 15 members, most of them based in Ahmedabad, while it has representatives in Bengaluru, Egypt and Singapore.


Q6. How you recruit people ?

The recruitment process is unconventional too. Selection of candidates is not done on the basis of certificates or marks obtained, but by the ability to crack a set challenge and a test of persistence and commitment to work.

We give them a week’s time to solve some of the toughest challenges in their functional areas. This tests every aspect that we look for. Grades or academics do not matter much. Our last recruit was a 12th standard drop-out.


Q7. What are your further plans with ?

Having a successful business model and extraordinary global reach, now plans to venture into the ticketing business. There is potential and also the need. For many events for which tickets/passes are required, our platform ends up providing only information. We want to expand our offering and start ticketing on our platform like and others. Right now, the duo aren’t keen on external funds from private equity players and venture capitalists. Our core team has three people and we are earning by learning. We don’t want investor interference. Therefore, we are not raising funds.