Ankit VyasName: Ankit Vyas.
Info.:  Co-founder & COO , OIZOM Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
He’s Master in Product Design (National Institute of Design), Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (GCET, SPU)
He’s a professional product designer with 4 years of business experience. He’s practicing product design in his design consultancy Cosire Innovations. He has experience working on various types of products like consumer electronics, medical products, appliances, instruments, machines etc. he’s journey of Cosire opened vigor to explore and innovate radicle ideas to make it reality.Q1. What is oizom ?.

OIZOM is our initiative of working in the area of natural resources. We have started with air-quality, the next big thing against humanity. We have developed air-quality monitors and purifiers for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Q2. How you such an idea ?

Oizom originated from self-realization of the pollution in our city-Ahmedabad.

Q3. Do you earn from it ? If so , what is the revenue model ?

We have installed 40 solar-air-quality monitors in Delhi. We are selling products as per client’s requirements and specification. We are earning out of it.

Q4. How frequently the information about pollution level updates ?

We can adjust the frequency from every 5 Min to once a day.

Q5. What is the source of the information ? Is it your own analysis or you outsourced it ?

We have our own analytics platform called “OIZOM Terminal”. It provides reports, charts, analytics, notifications etc. as per user’s need.

Q6. What is the role of Oizom in one’s life ? 

Oizom touches life of every human being by realizing and improving air-quality of their surroundings. Oizom is an initiative related to healthcare of every human being.

Q7. What is your target audiance/users ?

We have B2B segments like industries, hospitals, offices and B2C customers as our target audience. We are also approaching government for out-door devices.

Q8. How it all started ? Who all helped you out ? What is the story from ground level ?

Founders : Ankit, Vrushank and Sohil know each other from a long time. Being a part of the maker community, we use to discuss about the professional projects  whenever we meetup. We all use to work on novel concepts and products to make some difference to some people or problem. But we were always keen to solve much bigger problem. A problem, which applies to everyone; irrespective of gender, location, cast, breed anything ! We had a ‘Life Centric’ approach in mind. Something relevant to humans, animals, birds, plants and mother earth. In short “We wanted to make the world ACTUALLY a better place”.
We came down to the fundamental basics of life that is Air, Water and Food. We do not consider air-quality as a problem as we can not see Air. Thus ’Making air visible through technology’ became our first agenda. Air-diagnostic Product came into our first agenda. We started conceptualising Air-diagnostic Products for every possible scenarios. Oizom has personal, indoor and outdoor air-quality monitors developed and market ready.