Dheeraj BhatiaName : Dheeraj Bhatia.
Info.: A 15 year old Indorian , he’s an android developer,phone enthusiast ,blogger,web developer, a hacker . He love to code in java and android to create interesting stuff . He’s the founder and developer of Usaver. He started to learn programming a year ago and now he’s making android apps for welfare.
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Q1. What is Usaver ?

Usaver is a lifesaver’ emergency app it can be used in any kind of emergency such as ‘rape’,’kidnapping’,’eve teasing’,’blackmailing’,etc.This app will send SMS with your location to the numbers saved in the Details page whenever you are in emergency.
Q2. How it works ?

After turning on the switch present in the application the emergency mode will be initiated and when you will press the power button two times it will send sms with your location and call to a emergency number and after that in every minute it will send sms to those numbers with updated location without internet! Just pressing the button twice will send the location in form of link and the application works without ‘INTERNET’!!!It basically functions like a tracker,when it is activated it send messages with the current location to 6 different number and automatically generates a call to the emergency number assigned for it .
Q3. How you got such an Idea ?

One day while watching promo of an very old emergency app on Television I thought to download it but what I saw about it and other ICE apps that there are many apps like this on playstore but they are from different Tv channels and what I have found about them is that they rarely work or what happens in their app is that they are full of promotion of their episodes and you can see this also on their review also and they limit the user to have internet . So I always wanted to make a app which can contribute to the society and work seamlessly in every possible situation and without any limitations.
Q4. There are similar apps in market , How your one differs ?

1)***Works without INTERNET ***
2)more number of contacts to be added in receptions
3)faster and accurate execution .4) user friendly user-interface

Q5. How Usaver gonna expand in future ?

I have plans regarding it , and I am working upon specially in the Health Domain .

Q6. What difficulties you faced while executing the idea ?

The difficulties I faced was first to remove the problems which people faced while using the other apps for personal security which included twice power buttons presses , use of internet for sending location and complicated user-interface.

Q7. Will it be available to iOS also ? if so , when ?

It will be soon available to IOS,the work is started but it will take time.

Q8. What are your future plans ?

I will make apps and solution for problems which people are facing currently basically what I will work for welfare because I want to make this world a better place to live in .

Q9. You solely build the app ? if not , then who all helped you ?
Yes, I build the whole app by myself ,it was challenging but it taught me many things.
Q10. Can it be used by Males also if they’re kidnapped or something ?

It can be used by anyone , from teenagers to old aged people.Specially for old aged people I have used minimalistic  and simple user-interface and implementation of colours which old aged people can also use.

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