Dhrumil ShahName :- Dhrumil Shah.
Info.: He is the Co-organizer at Google Developer Group (GDG), Ahmedabad.
He is currently pursuing his Masters of Engineering (ME) in wireless and mobile computing at Gujarat Technical University (GTU). He has worked as an Android developer for Moweb Pvt Ltd. Being a techno freak, his interest lies in developing apps and doing research.

1. Which programming languages you like most ? and which one you would like to prefer our viewers ?
I love OOP languages like C++, Java, C#, python, ruby. I work with JAVA as for android JAVA  is must. Side by side I am learning python for my dissertation .
For viewer I just want to tell you that don’t try to learn any language just keep your concepts clear

 2. Have you ever tried for android , ios, windows ,java , blackberry etc development ?

Yes, basically I am a novice Android developer still learning and will keep learning it

 3. Do you runs your personal business ? if so , then tell us about it ?

Currently focusing on my dissertation (Research) of ME

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