harsh SongraName : Harsh Songra.

Info.: He is  a young app developer and also an Entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO of Studiebay.com– A coaching search engine. Other then that he have android apps on Google play and a blog named thetimeahead.com. His work is based on Education and Health Sector.



Q1. Who motivated you towards Android development ?

Well basically my dad always helped me in development and I got somewhat good in java so he told me to shift towards android.

Q2. How you spent your time towards development ?
I am passionate about programming. I have even coded for 18 hours nonstop I don’t know on what 😛 . But yeah I did that.
Q3. Tell us about your developments .

Studiebay.com- A coaching search engine , The time ahead   a daily magazine on the Web., Android Applications like : My child , Elasticity of Demand , VAT Calculator , Index Calculator .
Q4. How you gonna help society by your developments ?
Well my apps are in to educate people about different factors like health and Technology.
Q5. What was the story behind your startup studiebay ?
I was wondering If you can search everything online why not coaching classes.
Q6. You told us that you were Nokia DVLUPr of the week .. ? What did you developed ? Tell us about that .
I developed the My Child app actually for which they gave me the honor.
Q7. Introduce us with your startup Studiebay .
Studiebay is an online platform which is dedicated to coaching classes
listing. Though there are websites like Justdial and Yellow Pages,
which provide us with address and contact details and even are
integrated with Google Maps. However, this much information is not
enough for students looking for the most suited coaching class for
How does Studiebay help students in this important search :
1. The student will get a brief about the coaching.
2. The Student will get to know all the courses offered by the coaching class.
3. The Student will Get to know about the USPs of the coaching classes.
4. The Student will Get to know about the toppers of the coaching classes.
That would mean, the students no longer have to visit each coaching
class, or take multiple advices from seniors to find out what’s the
best suited coaching for them. We plan to scale this, to state,
national and then hopefully to a global level.

Q8. Tell us about your My Child app .It’s an app for Prevention of developmental disorder. My Child is an app which tell you about your child’s growth. It gives you information about your child’s key areas of consideration after you answer the questionnaire. The app is for children between from 11 to 24 months and asks you about the areas of growth during that particular period. The App is Particularly meant for prevention of developmental disorder.
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