Karandeep Singh Vohra RentsherName: Karandeep Singh Vohra.

Info.: Co founder, Responsible for Geo Expansion of Rentsher across India and Beyond.
A part of the 3 member founding team of Rentsher – Online rentals for anything and everything.

We especially target small term events and ensure that you enjoy your event takes place successfully without any worries – Says Karandeep.


Q1. What is RentSher?

Rentsher is essentially a managed marketplace where one can rent out their own products to share (for monetary benefit ) amongst others and where one can rent in products that are needed on rent. Rentsher manages the marketplace by ensuring security of the products to the owners and ensuring quality,availability and delivers of the product to the renters.

Q2. How you got the idea ?

This original idea was an extension from a book called “What is mine is yours” which inspired Ketaki Shaha to explore this concept for kids. This idea came up when Ketaki and Abhijit were looking at getting stuff for their son Kiyaansh who was outgrowing it faster than they could buy. Ketaki, Abhijit’s wife combined with Anubha, Harsh’s wife and launched Rentsher in Nov 2014. I joined in the team while they were doing their beta testing for the Bangalore website.

Q3. What is different in RentSher than the other P2P renting platforms ?

Rentsher is not a purely listing platform in fact listing on the Rentsher platform is free of cost. We only charge when an actual order is booked in the system.

Rentsher acts as a trust layer between the owner and the Renter. – The renter and the owner are both insulated through the Rentsher layer thereby making the process easier.
Also, the price of the product is determined by the Owner of the product – Rentsher can give insights to the owner regarding the mean price of renting but the ultimate initiative of the price rests with the owner of the product.
Rentsher does not have its own inventory hence there is no conflict of interest while sending products to rent.

Q4. Are you planning to add more products for renting out ? What will they be ?

Being a horizontal we are constantly adding more and more products on rent. We are looking to get into the white goods space and also look to explore fashion clothing.

Q5. What is your Office culture and schedule ?

Where friends unite and work with a dream for a more sustainable future for the world and Rentsher. We respect each others space and  help each other to excel. We start early and are flexible in the working times.

Q6. What are the products that are rented the most on your website ?

Currently Costumes, Gaming consoles and Bikes are fast moving items.

Q7. Is there any checking and recordings of products about its state before delivery and after renting to keep track of product life and damage ?

The products are kept with the vendor hence the vendor is responsible for maintaining the products. Before we confirm the order with the renter we have a rigourous checklist to ensure the quality of the product. Once we take the product into our possession , we record the condition of the product and sign it off with the customer. If the product is damaged beyond the normal wear and tear, which is determined when the product is returned,  then the renter is informed and is billed for the damage.

Q8. What is your failsafe approach if the rented product is stolen ?

We ensure that the delivery of the product is made at the home of the client. We also collect a original Passport/cash security/or a post dated cheque from the renter for the amount as requested by the owner.  We have other cheques with high valued equipment but there is no one size fits all solution.

Q9. Any problems that you faced recently while expanding to different cities?

Each city has its own set of idiosyncrasies without getting to know them it is difficult expanding in them. We have a two month programme to understand the dynamics of the city and identify the categories that are most sought after in the city.

Q10. Any mistakes that you did and you don’t want others to repeat ?

Lots of mistakes and some yet to be made.

I think you need to make a few mistakes to learn and excel in business.