vinoth-kumar-hireicaName: Vinoth Kumar.

Info.: Vinoth kumar Co-Founder and CTO of Hireica after completing his M.Sc ( CT ), M.Tech( IT ), MBA and with work experience of 3 years as a software engineer in a MNC company he started the journey of Hireica.






Q1. What is Hireica ? Why you named it Hireica ?

Hireica is a Virtual interviewing platform which ease the user and the employer that replaces the traditional recruitment process by virtual screening, virtual sourcing and Hiring due to which it drasitically reduces the human resource,time and money spend.Answering your question on why the name Hireica “Hire” represents our domain service,the “ica” is the abrrevation for Intelligent CAndidate hence is the name Hireica.

Q2. How you got the idea ?

After completing my graduation on the verge of searching for jobs i came across many issues which had no solutions like for instance once i had 2 interviews at the same time at different locations with no other options left i had to sacrifice one and go to the other this was one such case but there were many such as this,after settling in a job i still found that the same issues  prevailed so this gave me an idea to give a small solution which could solve this issue but over course we bought forth various features.we strongly believe founders are products,when we passionate about building products in particular market some how founders must have faced some issues or problems,we are no other we too face issues attending interviews so we thought we may launch better tool to fix it,thats how we started off started small survey with employers and employees,we found hiring is one of the significant problem faced by both employers and employees.Traditional recruitment process is broken ,tedious process recruiters/hiring managers currently have to parse through thousands of resumes to guess which candidates will workout ,but in hireica you can source , screen and hire candidates in ONE platform.

Q3. What difficulties you faced while building it ? How you tackled them ?

Integrating the work flow(hire flow) entire flow can be modified according to the needs of the employer this was a big challenge due to its vast
phase and time consumption this was overcome by using technology and hard work.our application architecture itself robust,we have 5 assessment methodologies virtual test,virtual face to face ,virtual group discussion,virtual offline ,assign a task.

Integration all in one platform is tough job,we are first in its kind to offer HAAS(hiring as a service),with these many integrations integrating all in one application itself was a tough job, because of the  time constraint ,first of all we need to make sure all the components in the site working well,algorithms,machine learning (classification algorithm,similar algorithm,who applied this job also applied this job(deterministic + probabilistic), matching job profiles algorithm thus we allow users to engage in the site/app we allow users to upload  their awards and certificates in a form of image(here possibility to upload unwanted(or nude images),for that we are using image processing  to figure out whether the uploaded one is nude or not, thus eliminating cumbersome process of approving each and every time when user uploading / modifying this way employers can get clear picture of employees.

Q4. What technologies you used for building Hireica and why you choose that ?

PHP – effective core web designing(open source can be intergrated smoothly at a larger scale ) shell scripting for appending api google prediction api- recommendations,similar search,who searched who prediction algorithm push triggers (which we have built on our own).

Q5. People still don’t have good/stable internet, how will they do Live tests or Face 2 Face interviews on your platform ? What enhancements you made ?

We have developed Hireica in such a way that it can be accessable even with a slow internet connection the test pages of Hireica is minified and it requires only 256 kbps,also the recent 4G roll out Reliance Jio gave us a greater advantage still many companies are yet to provide affordable services that will give more power to us.

Q6. What key features Hireica currently have and what features you’re planning to add in future ?

The current key features of Hireica with respect to job seekers and employers are virtual test,face to face interview,webIDE with 10+ languages, virtual group discussion,virtual offline ,assign a task etc.In the near future we intend to create a MobileFirst service and converge a product which acts as a bridge between students,college and the employers  to solve the problems faced during the campus placements.

Q7. Share any best happiest and Saddest moment in entire journey of Hireica ?

The day Hireica’s webIDE rolled out successfully was the happiest moment in our journey because that part of the product alone took nearly nine months time so once that was working it gave us more enthusiasm to further work hard .The most saddest part is when a CDN site that we maintained for Hireica was shutdown without any prior intimation which led to loss of data,The next one week was the saddest part which also took a huge amount of time to rearrange the files in the same order.

Q8. What mistakes you made that you don’t want others to repeat ?

Being first in the market and bringing trustworthyness among the users and clients,bringing them onboard is a tough process explaining the jobseekers and the employers about the product is a little complex and requires a lot of patience.

Q9. While living an entrepreneurial life what you’d like to conclude to startup enthusiasts ?

Being an entrepreneur is a gritty,tough work do not be over confident on yourself always have self doubts and question youself.Think yourself in the users perceptive and solve the real life problem.

Q10. How much different is your platform from similar platforms like Hackerrank, HackerEarth, Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilded etc.

Hireica is a virtual interviewing platform where candidates are screened and hired at the same time employers are sourced with the right candidate for the required job using specific algorithms,Hireica bends all the traditional methods of hiring process followed by the competitors and brings out a unique platform for the employer and the job seeker to hire and get hired without the need to visit the company by which both the parties will save time, human resource and money spend on the hiring process,instead using the right set of components neccessary the exact requirement of the employer is extracted from the candidate and represented to the employer on the other hand the job seeker can also increase his skill set by appearing to the virtual test and there by the scores give a detailed picture on his current intellect thereby creating a specific unique list which no other competitor provides. Hireica also consists of various other unique feature like virtual test,virtual face to face interview,off line interview,virtual group discussion,webIDE and other features which eases the job seeker and the employer during the recruitment process.