Kanika Modi founder of Get your Mnetor

Name: Kanika Modi.

Intro: Kanika is the CEO & Founder of Get Your Mentor. Apart from being an Entrepreneur, she is also a content creator and has written for various blogs and magazines. The journey from being an entrepreneur to a Founder of a startup has never been easy. Get Your Mentor started a few months back and has been in a building phase since then. There are loads of things ahead that needs to be worked upon and the journey is going to continue till it lasts.



Q1. What is Get Your Mentor?

Get Your Mentor is an EdTech networking platform that helps people connect with experts. It ensures the process where an individual will be able to connect with the Mentor of the domain in which they need guidance such as that of career-related issues, startup building, Marketing, etc. We deliver quality in terms of professionals and influencers and tend to solve real-time problems faced by students and other individuals.

GYM is basically the need of the hour in this education system. It is the complete blend of technology and Education that will not just help people in the time of distress whether be it career-related or startups or anything but also in all aspects of life with every step such as Funding, internship, training etc. We wish to be a platform that can solve all the real-time problems faced by people and that can create trust and knowledge sharing at a certain level.

Q2. How you got the idea of Get Your Mentor? What is the story from day one? What you did after you have the idea?

The idea came to me back in the 3rd year of my college. I was going through the same issue where I chose engineering as my career, yet it failed to interest me and many others like me. And I thought If I had someone to tell me then and provide me with more options to chose from, maybe things could have gone the right way. And so I thought maybe we can create a platform to make it easier for 10+2 students to get to talk to experts and make them aware about the various opportunities available.

But we all know entrepreneurship is never easy. There was a time when there was none to share this idea with and none believed in it at all since it would not generate much money. But this had been a dream always. I dropped the idea several times as it was difficult to manage college as well as the work to set this up. But like it is said, You have to do what you got to do. So I started to work on it with full dedication and it paid off. We have been building it since then and hope to make it even bigger and create a bigger impact in the years to come.


Q3. Everyone needs these services, so who is your target customer?

Our target audiences are mostly students that need guidance at a stage where they need to know there are opportunities available for them to grab it. Also, there are budding entrepreneurs that are ready to take on the ecosystem but they are unaware of the challenges and the right skills that might help them moving forward. We have various early age startups that need that perfect mentor which would guide them into team building, planning, execution and other important steps needed to get on the right track.


Q4. How GYM is different from other on-demand Mentoring Platform?

Get Your Mentor has been getting into the very depths of domains when it comes to professionals. We are into getting the help of right technology such as the use of Artificial Intelligence onto our platform to ease out the process of getting the right mentor easily. We are moving toward getting experts from domains that are believed have got no scope but there are experts whose efforts go unattended such as Nanotechnology, part of engineering, music, art etc.

We do not only believe on provide mentoring support to the individuals but also creating a long-term association with them so that we can build a trust with them and help them in every possible way further.


Q5. What are the major roadblocks in this kind of Startup? What problems did you face and how did you tackle them?

The major roadblocks are the fact that most people do not believe in taking advice from professionals and the need of this in their life. It becomes very difficult to open up to other professionals regarding their issues as they are not too sure about being able to provide their trust to the person.

The biggest problems came up while building the perfect team for it. It has been quite a journey and we still are halfway there. I just know this is what I want to do no matter what and this is my dream which makes me not want to give up and helps me tackle the problems that come forth.


Q6. What are your future plans and how do see taking it shape?

Our future plan is to make this a global platform. The main mission is to impact millions of individuals and help them shape their future in whatever way possible. We are looking forward to get our hands onto the rural sector since there are talents yet undiscovered and being a part of it would mean the world.


Q7. Any favorite quote that keeps you guiding and keeps you motivated?

“Be Kind to one another” – Ellen DeGeneres

“You never know how much you can do in your life”- Jack Ma.