Kaushal gajjarName : Kaushal Gajjar.Info.: KaushalGajjar, Co-founder and CEO at 7Span.

He has done IT Engineering from Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College, Chandkheda.He  got selected in TCS on campus. Left TCS after 2 years and started 7Span with 2 more TCSers (Harsh Kansagara, HemratnaBhimani).

He is handling Online Marketing, Operations, SEO-SMO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing at 7Span.




Q1. What is 7Span?

7Span started on 01-Jan-2015, with 3 co-founders Kaushal Gajjar, Harsh Kansagara and Hemratna Bhimani. It’s located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
7Span is a branding, web design and development studio with a passionate team of designers, developers & innovators, who can visualize and develop breathtaking graphics, websites and apps for your business.
Q2. What is the reason behind name 7Span?
There were many more reasons:
1] Meaning:
Span = Duration (For indicating long lasting relationship i.e 7 Lives 🙂 )
Span = One of the HTML Tags ( For indicating technical background )
‘7’ is the most popular and have the most presence in life.
7 Lives, 7 Colors in Rainbow, 7 Elements of Universe, 7 Continentals and many more.
2] Uniqueness:
Due to startup boom, there are many tech companies forming. Most of the names you thought of are already taken and there are chances that if you choose regular terms like ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘info’, ‘tech’, ‘biz’, it will match with other brand name and it may confuse the client. 7Span name we searched and there was no presence of this name on web.
3] Domain:
Short and 5 digit domain name was available 🙂 Easy to remember and easy to speak.
Btw. We have both 7Span.com and sevenspan.com 😉
4] Social Availability:
Facebook handle was available. Bad luck that on Twitter it was not. But have to compromise!
5] Brand Identity:
Harsh was confident that ‘7’ can be used to build the unique and easy to remember brand identity.
We’re designing the new website and will try to show the meaning in the design 😉
Q3. Tell us about your projects PoPoPics and JoBaka.
·         PoPoPics is the first project by which we 3 have started our business relation.
PoPoPics.com is aimed to be the largest collection of HD wallpapers, with first ever facility of CROP AND DOWNLOAD. Hmmmm, you can select the image and crop according to your device’s resolution. This allows you to manually select the part of image to download.
Additionally you can download it in mobile by scanning QR Code or entering the short URL in browser. Cropped image will be downloaded automatically in Phone. Many other functionality like Celebrity info with official social profiles, Set wallpapers as Facebook Cover, Facebook Photo Comments, SafeSearch, HD Slideshow etc.
·         Jo Baka is a Gujju Slang which is generally refer to “Dekh Bhai” in Hindi and “Hey Bro” in English.
Jo Baka is the most trending meme in the Gujju community and we are proud of our Jo Baka. Every festival enjoys a new fresh stock of the Baka meme’s.
Jo Baka now needs no Introduction! Presenting Internationally Famed Chhel Chabila Gujarati’s Baka, Bakudi, Bhura.
Who knew that “Jo Baka Meme Generator”(www.memegenerator.im) by the team Kaushal Gajjar, Harsh Kansagra, Hemratna Bhimani, Vivek Sanchetiand Mitesh Thaker will go viral overnight and instantly become so viral for Gujjus to the extent that lakhs of memes will be created every single day and there is no stopping to those Memes!
Due to the success of this both the Project, we have decided to start our own company and that’s how 7Span came in picture.
Q4. Is 7Span also a project like PoPoPics and Jo Baka?
No, 7Span is a registered IT company located at Gandhinagar, Guajrat. 7Span has a team of 10 People including designers and developers.
Material UI(www.materialui.co)
are the famous projects of 7Span.
Q5. Do you earn from 7Span? If yes then how?
Leaving TCS with packages in lacs, developed infra for 7Span, hired designers and developers. So yes it must be earning 🙂
By providing design and development related services to Indian as well as International clients, 7Span is generating a good revenue.
Q6. Overall, what services you provide?
Our services include the following :
– Innovative Corporate/Startup Branding
– Website Design & Development (CorePHP, Laravel, WordPress)
– Mobile App Design and Development
– Social Branding and Marketing
Q7. What is your Ultimate Goal?
Our ultimate goal is to provide one stop solution for brands. From making their identity in the market to selling their products/services to end users.
Q8. What steps you’ll take to achieve it?
We are expanding 7Span by making products, tools and providing services to the famous brands.
Q9. What all things you want to see in 7Span in future?
I want to build a team with a passion and quality, which is ready for challenges 24*7*365 🙂
Q10. Your Story from TCS to 7Span.
It was a really tough decision for us to leave 6 figure salary, It was a time when we were in situation of ‘Now or Never’. Finally we listened to our hearts and 7Span came into existence.
Q11. What are the skills and backgrounds of each of the Partner in 7Span?
Kaushal Gajjar: (IT Engineering (BE), Ahmedabad)
Skills: Online Marketer, Team Management, Operations, SEO-SMO, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdwords, GoogleAdsense, Affiliate Marketing
Harsh Kansagara: (IT Engineering (BE), Rajkot)
Skills: Branding, Graphic Designing, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Frontend Development, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular)
Hemratna Bhimani: (Computer Engineering (BE), Rajkot)
Skills: Backend Developer PHP (Laravel, WordPress), JavaScript (jQuery, Angular), Server Management
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