mayank pratapName : Mayank Pratap ( EngineerBabu ).

Info.: Have you ever had that feeling of doing something different? different than what you’re doing? Being that ambitious oddball who just doesn’t like the rat race? well, here’s the story of Mayank Pratap Singh, the founder and CTO of, a company dedicated to provide excelled service in web development, app development and what not!



Q1 : What is Engineerbabu ?

We at EngineerBabu are web developers, designers, Application developers, for Android as well as iOS, SEO and Big Data. We aim at providing the best IT services, and the appreciation from our clients and their constant supports tells us that we’re doing it right.

‘Indore City App’ is the one stop solution to make you feel connected and well known of this city and solve your problems.
Q2 : How it all started ?

In the year 2011, after my graduation, it was just an obvious path to get a job in a company, which I got, Mahindra Satyam. But it wasn’t for me. I tried for a job in Facebook, nailed that too, but even this amazing social networking platform could not bind me enough to get the thought of a startup out of my mind. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I always had a dream to pursue my career my own way.
Though EngineerBabu was not planned at all, I believe the day I quit my job would be the first step to this website’s development. I joined a coaching institute to teach part time. What was odd and unbelievable was that they charged students lacs for placements. This struck me but I though I was being paranoid and continued my job.
But as expected, the coaching institute was found to be closed one day and all the contact numbers were out of service. This scam cost many students their career and a hell lot of money. Many of them coming from a very poor background were devastated so I taught them without compensation for sometime. This was not an easy task for a young unemployed engineer like me, so I created a Facebook group – Bangalore Walkins with the aim of helping engineers get a job. After hard work of about 3-4 months, a few of them got jobs, making me feel a little accomplished. The group has grown to have over 1.5 lac members and is growing still.

Two of my students joined me. We were inspired by our own facebook group and we were determined to provide opportunities to many more Engineerings, so we started working together to build

It started in January 2014, with the three of us, and now, in just one year is being run by 35 Spartans. Spartans I like to call us, as we’ve risen above facing all difficulties and we’re standing tall. We work hard and enjoy like crazy, creating one of the best work cultures.

Q3 : Tell us about your Developments ?

EngineerBabu has developed many applications(200+) for android and iPhone.
Chatting application (One to one chat , Group chat, Voice chat, File share)
Dating application (Find friends, Profile like, Voting system, Nearby search)
Ecommerce application (Shopping , Deals , Offers, Order management, Inventory listing)
Hotel and Restaurant applications (Order online, Review online, Social comments, Discounts)
EngineerBabu is pioneer in Android Watch and Android glass projects EngineeBabu has developed games like Flying Android Others Apps are Property Search, City Portal, Google Map based, Local seach engine, Card Reader, Photo Editing, Dual Camera, Ticket booking, Event listing, Jobs Posting

Websites we designed :

1. Jet Bill (invoicing and quotation building Platform). This is the best software for every business domain to create invoice for every client.
2. College Management Software (Manage college staff, students, keep records, Fee management, scholarship management, courses etc.)
3. Real Estate Development (User can search for a property near by, Price details, Area specification, dealer details etc.)
4. Job Portal( search for job, search by domain, experience, salary, opening’s)Now it become very easy to find a job where you want.
5. City portal:Now keep yourself updated about your city. Now you can find job, weather condition, Breaking News, Hangout Places very easily in your own city.
6. Patient Management System: Now it is become very easy to manage thousand’s of Patients of your hospital. (Patient records, Patient reports etc.)
7. News Portal website will help you to get all the world wide information.

EngineerBabu has designed many logos (340+) for our valuable clients:

1. SARADA logo (Logo Design for an educational institute).
2. CHANT logo( Design for power logo).
3. Logo design for jewellery shop.
4. Kattronics logo for IT/Electronics business.
5. Logo deisgn for real estate company.
6. CROSSFIRE for a user profile on
7. Infographics for many organizations.
8. Many clients appreciated our work for banners as we designed for many organizations.
9. UI design for many mobile applications. You can check more on our portfolio.

Q4 : What features Indorecity app currently have and what all will be there in future updates ?

Weather you are a student, or just new to Indore, Indore City App is all you need. If you are seeking for a job or a place for a romantic date 😉 , open it up and search for spots to have that perfect date. Yes with all this Important information, we also added some funny & entertaining flavor to it. You can send Poha Jalebi icons to your loved ones who are far from you to make them feel nostalgic. In short, Indore City App contains all the elements which are enough to fall in love with.