Nishit-JariwalaName: Nishit Jariwala.
Info.: Nishit is from diamond city Surat. He’s an IT engineer and runs a company called Lysung Ventures. Lysung Ventures have different ventures under it.
BuddyBits (Online Media) and Tiffin Treat (Packed Food Delivery) are two of his ventures.



Q1. Tell us about BuddyBits and Tiffin Treat.

BuddyBits ( is a lifestyle blog. We curate only the best stories from India. BuddyBits is a platform for budding writers. We also run different social awareness campaigns and events. Latest we ran Save Birds campaign on Uttarayan. And in August 2015, we organized BuddyBits Startup Conclave where entrepreneurs from across the India joined us.

Tiffin Treat is a packed food delivery service. We see a lot of people struggling to get good food. People generally don’t order food from restaurants because of hygiene issues. But we make sure to give the most hygienic food.

Q2. How Tiffin Treat works ?
You order through Calling or Whatsapping on 8980805858, and we deliver packed lunch/ dinner or mini meals at your doorsteps in an hour.
Q3. What is the source of this packed food ? 
We have an in-house cook. We make food at our kitchen.
Q4. Is this service available in whole surat or only in selected places ?
Tiffin Treat is available in entire Surat.
Q5. Can someone order it while passing by from surat in train ?
Yes. If your journey is pre-planned, you can book your order two hours prior to your stop at Surat.
Q6. What cities/states you gonna cover next ?
Haven’t really thought of expanding yet! First we want to cover each and every house of Surat. Then we will think of next.
Q7. How Tiffin Treat gonna expand in future ?
We have started from deliveries. But we will soon open up pick up centres in entire city. And we have planned some unique things with Tiffin Treat as well. But you will have to follow our Facebook page to know them! 😀
Q9. How many employees are there currently ?
We have a team of 10 people right now. Team consists of the cook, helpers and delivery boys.
Q10. If you’d like to conclude a lesson from your journey of Tiffin Treat , what’d that be ?
It has been just 20 days since I started Tiffin Treat. But I’m into business since last couple of years. I would love to give an advice to upcoming entrepreneurs based on that.

Don’t listen or don’t take advice from too many people! Just set up a goal, follow your guts and keep working. Everything will fall into place with time. The more advices you’ll take, the more books on entrepreneurship you’ll read, the more confused you will become. So just follow your dreams and work hard to make them reality.