Ranodeep SahaName: Ranodeep Saha.

Info.:  Founder of  RarePlanet.in . Currently he’s  pursuing B.tech in Computer Science from West Bengal University of Technology (Formally Indian Institute of Information Technology – Kolkata ) 

He has been selected as a Regional Ambassador Lead of Firefox from India and also work as an intern at The Telegraph .
He teaches a daughter of a Phuchkawala (Phuchka seller ) in his locality and actively work for an NGO “My Treasures of Innocence”.
Q1. What is RarePlanet ?
Rare Planet as the name suggests is something unique and so are we!! We are one of a Kind in this planet and the products which we sell makes us of a complete different genre.. We make and Sell our own items and thats where we stand apart. Our products are available online on our website RarePlanet.in and exclusively on Flipkart.
We sell offline at different gift stores in India as well as outside the country.
We at Rare Planet are serving the global cause of LGBT movement and thus we are about to sell merchandise produced by LGBT community. We believe in giving items back to the society and thus we have tied up with an NGO called “My Treasures of Innocence” and are also planning to sell these merchandise online.
Q2. How you got the idea ?
So this is going to be long.This is a youth platform you see and I don’t mind sharing certain issues pertaining to teenage. I was in first year when I had a break up with my girl friend. She was an ardent fan of Marvel , DC , GOT and all such stuffs. We would often  meet up at City Centre where there used to be a store called The Celebrity Store which was her all time favourite. This store used to sell all licensed merchandise from all the TV Series and comics. After the heart break I was all torn up from inside. Instead of what people of our age would have done I did not take up drinking or smoking as a pastime. Instead I started making those things which use to be her favourite.
Q3. Why you named it Rareplanet ? What’s the logic behind it ?
As I have said, the person in whose memory Rare Planet was crafted seemed to be a person from different planet and everything about her was very rare. After we created the merchandise which we sell on our portal we realised that the products are very unique and each of them has a story to tell. Thus we named it Rare Planet.
Q4. What makes you different from OLX, Flipkart , Snapdeal and other E-commerce websites ?
We are not just another E-commerce site , we are a brand. Let me tell you an interesting fact . Each Product we sell is unique and mostly hand crafted .We have recently got a section on our website called Painted Bottles. Now each of these bottles which you see are non identical and we serve them with a Unique QR code such that whenever you buy it,you just need to scan the QR code and get to read the Story behind the Painting that is done on the bottle.

I personally use to love Flipkart since e-commerce came to India, thus we at rare Planet exclusively sell on Flipkart.

Q5. How it all started ? Who all helped you out ? What is the story from ground level ?
 It started one fine night after the Break Up when I sat with Paint brushes almost after 3 years. There was an Earthen Cup in my room which I had painted and that was the first Product of Rare Planet.
After that the Production never stopped .

We have a work force of 10 People who work on Daily basis at Rare Planet.

We had our Website even, Our products were accepted by The Celebrity Store.
My best friends Priyansu and Puloma had helped me a lot with everything since the very first day of my start up.
Q6. What is the major roadblock in this field ? and how you tackled it ?
This Field where we work in is very un organized; there are a lot of Handicrafts and art form available all across the country but there is no proper database. If all these Handicrafts could be brought online and presented to the world  I don’t think the artisans will have to starve for food anymore. We at Rare Planet are working very hard to organize this sector.
Q7. What are you further plans ? How you ( Rareplanet ) gonna expand ?
We are right now sending our products to a few stores in Singapore and Hongkong as a part of our international trade. My plan in coming months is to open a Rare Planet Outlet in Delhi T3 Airport as well. 
We want to have offline stores in almost all the Major International Airports in the country and abroad and thus getting it known to people swiftly.
Q8. In your opinion , what is the best way to avoid wasting the time and focusing on proper things ?
Don’t run behind thousands of ideas, be calm and try to understand what your domain is and what are your comfort zones, according to which plan your start up.
Another important part is to choose the right people who would work with you.
Q9. What makes you feel like an Entrepreneur ?
I am happy with my  2nd Year engineering student feel. But these days when I go to Entrepreneurship Summits of different B-Schools and Engineering Colleges as a Speaker,I feel the pressure. Once people have started expecting from you ,you cant let them down.

Thus the feel of an Entrepreneur comes.

Ranodeep on Developer’s Interview :

Developer’s Interview is doing good.. I regularly follow the blog and the interviews of the amazing people whom Vinay Jain interviews on regular basis…I’d love to see this blog growing and become a huge Entrepreneur Magazine House sometime in the near future.