Santosh TyagiName: Santosh Tyagi.Info.: He’s Founder and CEO of LOCALRAMU, alumni of NIE Mysore and Former CEO of  Bucketkart.





Q1. What is LocalRamu ?

#LocalRamu is a unique type of Market place for Local Service Providers, We are connecting the end users with verified service providers.
We are trying to get on board all local service providers across every category.

This way all three parties are benefited
Our service partners are getting the chance to earn more
Our customers are getting the service within few minutes, So they are saving their time
LocalRamu  is benefited by the Margin paid by our service partners for giving them more business.

Q2. How it all started ? Who all helped you out ? what is the story from the groud level ?

#Localramu came in my mind after facing a few hurdles while trying to solve issues

1st incident:

Around March-2015, when my bike got punctured I had to Push my bike for almost 3 kms, Which was very tiring It crossed my mind  as to why Someone is not trying to get these puncture shops on a common platform, so the puncture shop guy could be at the place where he is required at the touch of an app within few minutes.

2nd incident:

In My previous organization, one day there was a short circuit, and we were not able to work at all.
We tried to find some local electrician, however no one was ready to come immediately.
We also explored online but no one was available close by to help, after looking online we called some electricians, but they were all busy For few Hours and could come only after 6 pm.
We finally got hold of a electrician, but after being unproductive for almost 7 hours, at this point of time I realized that localramu will be the next big thing in Indian market (Where based on customer demand a Service provider can be at your place within few minutes .

3rd Incident:

On one occasion, When we wanted to do a puja at our  office(previous organization: Bucketkart) , we faced  a lot of difficulty to find a priest who could help us with the Puja.

Local Ramu is a result of the problems I faced , and I wanted to provide a solution to people who would benefit from this and I could  also provide employment, and onboard Verified Service Partners
Including Drinking Water Cans ,Vehicle Puncture service ,electricians plumbers etc…

I have always got unconditional support from my friends circle, my friends helped me lot in all aspects.

Q3. How localramu is different from Sulekha ,Doormint, Zimmber etc ?

We are different in terms of quick and reliable service, no one is providing the service within 30 minutes,
Example : You are going somewhere and your bike got punctured
You request for a puncture wala and a Service guy(who provides Puncture services) will be at your place within few minutes , and on the same concept we are providing electrician , plumber, 20ltr water cans delivery and many more services within  few minutes .

Q4. How do you compensate a customer if any kind of service goes wrong ?

Next service we are providing them free of cost or we will refund the full service amount, to the customer if customer is not happy with the quality of service provided.
Before registering the service partner our first T&C with them is customer satisfaction.

Q5. What is your vision? and how you going to accomplish it ?

My Vision is to make #Localramu one stop for all your needs
Whether it is house related services or daily need product delivery or booking of premises for party, wedding… and so on…

In Phase1: We will launch in 15 services

In Phase2: In June-2016, we will add 5 more categories like Cake n Flower Delivery, Grocery, Medicine, House mad, And on demand Drivers

In Phase3: In Sep-16, we will add premises booking for all occasion.

Q6. What are the major roadblock in this kind of Startup? how you tackled them ?

In our business model , Our roadblock may be our service partners whom we are depending for quality service, as of now we are manually following each and every service partner job,,, but a time will come that in a day we are doing 1lacs jobs then to follow each n every transaction manually would not be possible. So to overcome this problem we are making our technology fully automated and advanced.

Q7. What you gonna do after getting so much funding? what are your plans next ?

Our model is not based on burning, we are not giving any discount, we are focusing only quality service.
We will reach our break even By Dec-2016 (Within 9months of launch). So whatever fund we will receive, we will use that in our team and technology. Your team is the your main asset .

Q8. How hard was it for you to ask out for funding ? how you made it ?

In my point of view funding is not the hard thing to get; what`s hard is the execution of your plan & to tackle challenges as and when they occur.

Q9. What are the pros and cons of Entrepreneurship that you faced ?

Cons: Personal Life Sucks,  I am not saying this on behalf of all entrepreneurs, but from the experiences what  I have faced &  I got to know from some of my entrepreneur  friends (few of them were even dumped by their girlfriends) ,  Friends and families.

Pros: It’s give always a pleasure that we are solving real time problem faced by millions of people, as well as  we are contributing in growth of our nation,  as like creating jobs, revenue etc ….

Q10. What mistakes you made that you don’t want others to repeat ?

First make a process than execute your plan accordingly.