Shreekant PawarName :  Shreekant Pawar.

Info.: He have been an entrepreneur soul since about 10 years now. After series of failed enterprises, he is currently working on Diabeto.

He is a Bachelor in Pharmacy from University of Mumbai, PG in foreign trade from WTC, Mumbai and an MBA from University of Northampton, UK.



Q1. Tell us about Diabeto , is it opensource hardware ?


Diabeto is a system which consists of open hardware device that plugs into a glucometer and wirelessly transmits the blood glucose readings from a glucometer into a smartphone. These readings can then be easily analysed with the help of a smartphone application. All readings are securely stored on a cloud server and can be accessed remotely via a cloud application.

Yes, the Diabeto hardware is open hardware and all the schematics and design can be found online on our website,

Q2. How does it works ?


Diabeto hardware transmits the blood glucose readings via bluetooth 4.0, the processing is done on a ATMEGA 128 controller.

Q3. How you got the idea of making such an awesome product ?

My parents have been living with Type 2 diabetes for about 25 years. My father had difficulties maintaining the paper diary for the blood glucose readings until one day, his diary was misplaced and he had to undergo tests again and it was a tedious process. This gave us an idea to make this entire process seamless with the help of technology.

Q4. How diabeto helps people in managing diabetes ?

It makes the process easier by giving you an idea, trend on how ones blood sugar is faring over the period of time. The application also co relates the effect of food, mood, activity and medication on blood sugar giving better insight on the diabetes and how to manage it effectively.

Q5. What difficulties you faced while building such an awesome product ?

Hardware is hard! It is insanely hard. India is a country has a long way to go to support the hardware ecosystem from providing and availability of resources to pricing.

Q6. Why you made it opensource ?  How you earn out of it ?

The hardware is open source which means anyone can download the files and make their own diabeto however if people want to buy Diabetos, we are retailing them at $49.

Our business model is B2B where we charge the hospitals, clinics and research institutes for the hardware API.

Q7. Tell us about the team behind this awesome peice of hardware.


Amir Shaikh-ce0-cofounder-diabeto
Name: Amir Shaikh| CEO/Co-founder at Diabeto.

Amir is a entrepreneur, technologist, and angel investor.

His first success was as the co-founder of where he managed growth, revenue generation, and raised early rounds of funding. He then joined Merriam-Webster & Britannica as the VP of Advertising Sales and Strategy and grew revenues over 5X during his tenure. He is also an investor in WikiOrgCharts a cloud based social CRM tool. Amir holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.



himanshu-coo-cofounder-diabetoName: Hemanshu Jain| COO/Co-founder at Diabeto.

Hemanshu brings a unique combination of engineering, marketing and operations management.

Hemanshu has 6 years of work experience in Digital Advertising/Marketing working for Yahoo, Media2Win, and HDFC life. He then joined as the Head of Digital Marketing, a venture by Bollywood producer Nitin Manmohan, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt. Hemanshu holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India.



Shreekant PawarName: Shreekant Pawar| CMO/Co-founder at Diabeto.

Shreekant was employee #5 at, now valued at over $500M.

At YouSendIt, he pioneered new and innovative advertising/marketing programs, and helped manage revenue. He then started a video animation website, secured angel funding, then sold it. He then started Tritone Tech, a mobile applications development company, and grew it to 70 employees with annual revenues of $250K. Shreekant holds a BS in Pharma and a diploma in Foreign Trade from Mumbai University. He also holds an MBA from the University of Northampton, UK.

Q8.  Is there any similar product in market ? if so , then how your one differs ?

Yes, Glooko, which a cable instead of a bluetooth device like ours. It is a closed sourced product and they don’t offer open API like us.