simon morrisName : Simon Morris.
Info.: Simon Morris , Technologist from Ny. Living in Stockholm.
Maker of FLYTESimon plays with sound, matter and energy and their relationships with gravity to absolute wow affect. Projects such as Skatehack, Strawbees, Nike Air Max 1 Reinvented (a magnetically levitating Nike sneaker) and Invitation au Voyage (a magnetically hovering skateboard) are great examples of his game.
In short, Simon has turned floating things in space into a beautiful profession.

My background is science and art. I’m drawn to the properties of matter and energy and their relationship with gravity and weightlessness. Once of the most common dreams we have are of flying. I think we are drawn to the concept of being free from the constraints of gravity.

Q1 : What are you currently Doing ?

Spearheading a creative technology in Stockholm  called Assembled in Sweden 

Q2 : What is FLYTE ?

Flyte is a levitating light.

A light bulb which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through the air.

There are no batteries and its low voltage LEDs makes it completely safe and harmless.

Q3 : How does it work ?
We’ve combined Tesla laws of induction with Edison’s signature bulb packed some sensors and hardware into the coolest lamp ever!
Flyte is the result of years of research using magnetic levitation and induction technologies.
It’s a screwless light bulb and will remain floating in the air endlessly.
Not only does it levitate, but it will rotate continuously with almost no friction.
Edison and Tesla are finally friends.
Q4 : Is “FLYTE” the only product you came with ? or any other product is on the way ?
At the moment yes. More to come in the future. You can see my Kickstarter Campaigns here
Q5 : How many brilliant minds are behind this awesome piece of hardware ? 
Simon Morris,Daniel Mascarenhas and Dan Heriksson are the main persons behind the project
Q6 : What is your ultimate Goal ?
My ultimate goal is to ” Levitate myself “.
Q7 : How much time it took you all to completely build  “FLYTE” ?
It took us 5 years of R&D to complete FLYTE.
Q8 : What are other features of FLYTE besides it’s glowing job ?
The base can also charge your smartphone through wireless technology.
Just place your mobile phone over the base and boom you phone will charge. 3rd party reciever is required.