Sohil PatelName :- Sohil Patel.

Info.: He’s a Coder and enthusiastic towards Computer Vision, Electronics Hardware. Co-Founder of , Oizom.
1. Which Language Do you like most for Programming ? which would you like to prefer ?
Basically as I worked with Native Programming Languages like C/C++ for a years, I mostly prefer these. But One should try Python. Now a days I use python a lot for small tasks and applications because development time is much less than any other language, that I feel. “
2. Where Did you studied Python ? what were the sources ?
When I come to know about python language, initially I do same thing to learn python as every one doing (Google). I always learn things to fulfil some specific goal. With python I had one project with professor of TUM and to showcase him my talent I started learning python. Python syntax is little bit different than my experience language (C/C++), So learning curve is wider for me. but I come to know this site : and this solved all my problems. “ 
3. Have you ever Tried for Android , Windows , Symbian , Java , Blackberry , IOS development ? if so , then How was your Experience ?
Yes I tried for Android and Windows. No hope for iOS and blackberry development. I learn both this development tool just because of competitions. I learn Windows in one Hackathon cum Workshop and develop one small app. Same with Android. But I really do not have that much interest in Application development, So I never tried that once again. “  
4. Do you runs your personal business ? if so , then tell us about it ?
Yes, recently I am working on my own startup called Printajoy, which is affordable Instagram printing website for India. To know more about my team mates and our startup story visit:
” Know more about his own projects and work :
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