Tarun MangukiyaName: Tarun Mangukiya.

Info :  Co-Founder at Remarkin.com , computer science graduate from LD College of Engineering. Currently we are working on e-learning portal named “Remarkin – Learn to Code“. I have also worked as Microsoft Student Partner in my college days and have organized many technical/non-tech events all over Gujarat. I have participated in many national and international level competitions like Intel AppInnovation Contest and won prizes. I love computer programming and photography.


Q1. What is Alex ?

Actually there is no actual presence of it. But it’s your virtual friend. We are living in the era of mobile technologies and mostly we are doing everything on mobile phones We use Facebook, WhatsApp, Games, etc. So Alex is basically your virtual friend who teaches us coding by chatting. So you can learn by chatting! It’s website basically and  runs on azure cloud vms powered by Microsoft Biz-Spark.

Q2. How it all started and How you got inspiration for such a platform  ?

Tough journey and bit tricky too So, actually Hemen (co-founder of Remarkin) and I were thinking that how can we teach students a computer. And we recognized that in our engineering life (we were still in engineering) we have learned from our friends rather than professors, it is like at the last moments your friends are always there for you… So we decided that we will have a digital friend of user who will be there on our platform. Then somehow Hemen figured that chatting is a good media to teach as we also love to chat and also learn from friends over WhatsApp. And this how we tested our first prototype with Alex and Chat in Feb, 2014. So this is how it all started then everything goes to technical feasibility, features, and human psychology We improved it on the basis of reviews First prototype was having basic Php course with just 5levels. Inspiration from friends, social media, chat, games, engineering last moments.

Q3. Who all can use Alex ?

Everyone can learn with Alex :).

Q4. Who all were there with you to complete this project ?

So there are many ones who have supported us in different-different aspects in last one and half year. Basically Hemen and I are co-founders And then there are Arpan Rank, Prakash Suthar, Ridhim Singhal who have supported us.

Q5. Is there any competitor in market .. if so then how you one differs from  that ?

So regarding competitors, CodeCademy, CodeSchool are our tough competitors…but none of them are having C Language interactive course…Also we are providing C Language interactive, we are using interactive code execution our site. We are the first to launch C Language online in the world. Also in terms of statistics, the website is being used in 120 countries worldwide, having 16k+ users.

Q6. Why you call it Alex ?

I have to remind it well… He was like one of the top programmer who won competition his name is/was alex . So .. we have kept it as an Alex :).