Tejas jasaniName :- Tejas Jasani.

Info.: He is CEO, The App Guruz . studied MCA at Nirma University – 2009. 




1. Which Language Do you like most for Programming ? which would you like to prefer  ?

 I personally do programming in Java , but in our company – for gaming – we use Unity – i.e. c# 

2.  Have you ever Tried for Android , Windows , Symbian , Java , Blackberry , IOS development ? if so , then How was your Experience ?

  We are doing games in mostly all the platforms – and we do apps in Android and iOS , not symbian 

3. Where Did you studied java? what were the sources ?  

I have done my MCA from Nirma so – Java was part of the study and Lynda.com courses are good way to start too 

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