vivek sancheti docstubName: Vivek Sancheti.

Info.: He is Co-Founder & CEO of DocsTub.Com. A Computer Engineer.

Previously he has worked as full stack developer with (Texas based company) remotely. He have won few prizes during college life for developing better solutions for business using technology.



docstub team

Q1. What is DocsTub ?

DocsTub is platform where users can upload document, share them and earn money out of it.
Millions of people share various kinds of documents (presentations, tutorials, etc) online. In most cases they are never rewarded for the same. We want to reward and incentivise all such document sharer. So that they can earn out of their creations. This way the world gets quality content for free and the content creators get paid for the same. We will be earning out of contextual advertisement and will sharing the revenue with the uploaders.

Q2. How you got the idea ?

During college days I used to do blogging and learned how people earn money online using various different ways like ads, affiliate, etc. Then found that there are various no of people online who share documents online via sites like slideshare but they are never rewarded back with any monetary benefits like youtube does with their content creators. To provide a platform to all such content creators who share their content in form of documents online we then made

Q3. What technology you’ve used in building DocsTub and why ?

Since I was running IT Outsourcing company previously I had experience of latest technologies in the market. So we have made with all sort of latest technologies.

Frontend: React.JS
Backend: Laravel
Mobile App: React Native (Coming Soon)

Q4. From security point of view what all have you done to prevent theft of personal docs ?

We have followed all security checklist at server and code level to avoid all such things. And we do take regular backups to recover incase server crashes totally.

Q5. What all features DocsTub have and what can we expect in future ?

We have tried to keep it as simple as possible. Some of the key features are as follow:

Tubs: Users can create unique Tubs as per their choice.
Embed: Embed the uploaded document on their website.
Analytics: Deep analytics and data about their documents so they can make decision where they can improve.
Social: Docstub have option to Follow others so whenever they upload new content you will be notified.
Monetization: We share 60% of revenue earned from users documents with the users.

What’s Coming Soon: Mobile Apps

Q6. What is the life of a person working in an IT services company ?

It depends on how you take it. I love it, because I love to code and make things which can help someone. But if you are not fan of code or coding you may not like things in IT company.

Q7. What all difficulties you faced while building DocsTub and how you tackled them ?

We did face various different kinds of technical issues. Like processing non open source format documents. What we did was, we broke the problems pretty small as much as possible and then solved them one by one. This the best thing ever I have learned. Solve things by breaking them into parts.

Q8. Have you planned to take funding ? if so, what are you gonna do with that, and if not , why ?

At present we are bootstrapped. We have got 2 lakh page views within 2 months of launch and around 1200 users. We have got one major tie up via which we will be able to add around 80-100K users within a month. So that will grow our revenue a lot.

We are for sure looking for funding to market the product globally and hire more developers to build the things we have in pipeline in pretty speed.

Q9. Can you tell us the difference between the “Life of an entrepreneur people think” and reality ?

Frankly its not as glittery as it seems. Its filled up with various ups and downs. You need to manage too many things. When you are bootstrapped and have just launched you have to manage monthly salary of developers and other expenses. You need to handle if something goes wrong. You need to take various tough decisions which may not seem easy to take. In the end unless and until you love what you are doing you will not be able to handle this things with ease.

Q10. Can you share some of your school/college learnings that you applied in DocsTub or any other of your products ?

DocsTub is product of my past experience only, like I know there are various kind of content creators present online who share their content via various medium but most of the time they are not being paid for the same. To solve that problem I created this platform with the experience of SEO and different monetizing strategy I have.