Chaaipani LogoWhat is Chaaipani ?

Chaaipani, is a storytelling platform to discover and share positive, inspiring stories of people and initiatives making our world a better place. Stories have the power to change the world and Chaaipani is riding on that power to make doing good things a “cool” thing to do.
Chaaipani reaches out to 2,50,000+ readers every month, of which, 80,000+ are subscribers. They’ve written exclusive stories of some known names like Narendra Raval (Kenya’s Steel King), Rahul Narvekar, Zakir Khan, Tanya Nambiar and more whose stories have inspired many.

Their stories have shown impact beyond “traffic” and outreach. Their stories have changed lives, and here is
1 of many examples.

Like Pooja’s story not only got her customers, but also various people pitched in their guidance, mentorship and funds to keep her going. 7 months later, Pooja is going to Germany to learn more about her art, thanks to one of Chaaipani readers.

With Chaaipani, our vision is simple: To cut through the noise of negativity and serve you with super­inspiring stories, every time you sit down for a cup of Chaai. –  Shruti Chaturvedi , Founder @


Why Chaaipani is Crowdfunding ?

Shruti: To build the platform backed with good technology and to be able to bear a certain cost of our first 50 video stories, we needed some capital. And that’s when Chaaipani decided to turn to rewards based crowdfunding
­ asking people to support them in building something they wanted to build for them. In the first 17 days of the 30 days campaign, it has already raised INR 3,42,000 (76%) of targeted INR 4,50,000 as of now from
135 backers ­ mostly through readers and supporters. This is an all or nothing campaign, which means that all the money will be returned back to the backers if they don’t reach their target in 30 days. More details about the project is on the campaign page here on

Chaaipani has an active web­presence through their website and on social media. They are currently working on gamifying the platform, where people are rewarded for doing ‘good’. With this, they are envisioning to build a culture of encouraging, inspiring, helping, sharing and giving as a fun activity and spreading it through the community.

To ensure the stories are not limited to web, they’ve hosted 25+ events ­ “Kitli conversations” so far ­ a no­agenda, no­rules session where people simply share their stories while others just listen. This began with small meet­ups at Kitlis (literally!)and got amazing turnout of over 50 people in each.

We are currently in the process of scaling this across cities around the same theme. We are targeting Baroda, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Jaipur to start with. We are vigorously working to expand our reach in tier 3 and 4 cities and rural India to source more stories. – Says Shruti

Chaaipani has recently started its operations in Karachi, Pakistan with 2 writers and 1 photographer. They’re looking at establishing it as a parallel entity by end of 2016.

To provide variety in content for a diverse consumer base, Chaaipani will cover stories in various formats including video and audio.

About the Founder:

Shruti Chaturvedi is a graduate in Psychology and has an experience of one and a half years in media and advertising, apart from various internships she took up in during her college. She has been blogging since the age of 17, which has been a passion for her.