Rachit Gupta Founder Ridely  Rachit Gupta ,Co-founder @Ridely :

While working at Jabong in 2014-15, I along with Varun and Ankur, my Co-founders, faced many problems during our daily Office commute. I used metro but it was too uncomfortable during office hours. Ankur couldn’t find a direct way to reach Office and Varun was driving around 80 km daily alone. Individually we tried many solutions but none worked, we started carpooling together and realized all the gaps that existed in the system. This is when we decided to start Ridely to solve all of them. All 3 of us left our jobs in October and started working full-time on Ridely. We launched our first private beta on 1st January 2016 and public beta on 20th March 2016. We got selected for Microsoft’s BizSpark program which gave us 3 years access to Azure services. We also got selected for Facebook’s FbStart and also for IBM’s Global Entrepreneurship Program.

Some details about my Co-Founders:
Varun (CEO) built Techbits when he was 19. He developed and designed the architecture of Mobikwik Wallet from scratch and was part of core development team at Mobikwik. He also helped in scaling Jabong and built CMS and its Image Delivery Platform. He is a startup enthusiast, passionate architect and product guy. He holds a B-Tech degree in ECE from MAIT GGSIPU.
Ankur (CPO – Product) is passionate about building products and can pick any technology quickly. He has worked on full stack development of many crucial products at Jabong as Software Engineer. He likes to work on Product Usability(UI & UX) along with Day to Day Operations to ensure the customers love the experience. He has built Ridely’s android app by himself. He holds a B-Tech degree in CSE from BVCOE GGSIPU.
We are currently self-funded and looking for a seed round.

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