Yashraj Bhardwaj (17), and Yuvraj Bhardwaj (17) are Co-Founders at Zenith Vipers,  student of Class XII at Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar. Owns 22 Research Projects, and also having 7 patent applications that they have filed in a team.

These 2 young researchers are hitting every possible online magazine.  So, Let’s hear the story in Yashraj’s own words.
We started up with research work in class 7 and got our first research paper out in 8th. We both always been inspired by great inventions and great scientists. Our interest got developed in research when we were in 7th, we went for an inter school event in Delhi. it was a science event, till the announcement of results the chief guest there was addressing the students ( don’t remember his name but yes he was from DST) and was talking about the inventions and Indian scientists. in his speech he said “India till now only 1 Indian citizen have won a Nobel prize in sciences” and we felt bad really very bad listening to this. At that time he also told us the statistics that India had about 156 researchers per million in the population, whereas united states has 4,700 per million and he concluded his speech by telling children that In India what we need is more number of research works, more Nobel prizes to make India lead this world. we lost that event , we were defeated.

But it was the first time when we both felt that we have won in a way. We both got a new direction and a new life started from there.we started reading science fictions, try thinking of a same things from different angles, reading research journals and all . We use to pen down our areas of interest and our ideas for a particular problem.

We use to read about the topics (which we found interesting) from different books higher levels as well from library and from internet too. We learned the complete process of writing a research paper, about different lab Equipments, Programming, different Embedded Systems from internet only. Our research projects include All In One Medical Assistance Machine, Brain Controlled Drone and much more !

Out of all one of our major and first project/research is, Bajra purifier : Removal and Extraction of toxic metals from the river and purifying the water by using Bajra (pearl millet). As Our  environment  is  continually  exposed  to  pollution  by organic  and  inorganic  compounds such  as  pesticides  and  metals. Heavy  metals  enter  the  water  through  a  variety  of  sources, such as  atmospheric  deposition,  mining,  industry  and agriculture.  Because  of  the  world’s  growing population  and resource  demands,  the  rate  at  which  these  compounds  enter  our environment has  been  on  an  upward  trend.  These  metals  can bio-accumulation,  so  scientists  are  motivated to  develop purification  and  extraction  methods  using  a  variety  of techniques.  Some  of  these techniques  have  been  successful  but are  expensive  or  have  detrimental  effects  on  the environment. So, we will be discussing about our first research project i.e. ‘Bajra(Pearl millet) Purifier: Removal and Extraction of Heavy Metals From Water using Bajra(Pearl millet) and Purifying it’.  As the ideas worth spreading! These heavy metals cause serious diseases like cancer, and everyday lots of people die just because of cancer. For this problem we have come up with a solution/idea which is we can purify that water just using Bajra, by doing some very simple process. And it is a very cheap alternative to current purification methods. And also needs no special care! If we talk of efficiency of this system, it’s around 98% which no other current purification system is giving! As this is and good idea, research, invention and a project.We are able to remove all heavy metals from river by using bajra, and even our estimations say that it can give more than 50% efficiency to uranium as well, we have not tested it with uranium but as according to my research the Lignocellulosic content in Bajra is able to remove the metal content. So we have calculated the ratio of Lignocellulosic content to molecular weight ratio of metals and by these calculations our predictions say that it will give more than 50% efficiency to uranium as well .

We have presented our research papers at many multiple conferences also have won various events including various fairs and Paper presentation at Various Institutes in India (including IIT’s as well). We have also qualified to represent India at various international fairs and Conferences We both have also been interviewed by many news channels regarding our projects. We both are Officially Selected (Selection Process By Invitation only) for attending One of the best Leadership summit i.e. Novus Summit by United Nations! We are also been recognized as Category A research Scholars by National Science Center, Delhi. We are also winners of  Karamveer Chakra Award. We have also given many TEDx talks. We were speakers at Indian Youth Conclave and also member of Under25 club, will be speaking at under25 delhi summit.  Also we have got letters of appreciation from Ministry of Home Affairs, Department Of Science And Technology. And many more……

We faced a lot problems when we were beginners in this field and also was not knowing about the procedures for getting things patented and all. We use to mail profs. of different institutes to know different procedure about research and to clear some doubts, but hardly got reply from most of them also one of our project was copied by someone and we lost the rights from it .

So that others wont face such problems I along with my brother have also started with an organization Zenith Vipers, to encourage more no. Of students to come up with their ideas and serve for betterment of society as we don’t want others to face the same problems we faced when we started up with Research.